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Monday, January 17, 2011

Primal Platter from Leftovers

The hardest part about losing weight is eating right.  All the exercise in the world will not cure poor nutrition.  Probably the most frequent question I get asked is what can we eat that is not starchy, not sugary, will not drive blood sugar sky high, yet be tasty, nourishing and satisfying.  Here is an example of the dinner we had tonight.

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Opening the fridge revealed leftover brussel sprouts and steamed turkey burger.  The natural thing would be to use it as part of a Primal Platter.  Here is the turkey burger sliced and being fried in a cast iron pan with bacon grease.  This sears the turkey slices to give it texture.  Sprinkled with sea salt and cinnamon.

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Part of the dinner prep included washing and slicing mushrooms, spring onions, tomatoes and spinach.  The plate on the left shows the bacon that was cooked prior to mixing the sliced turkey burger, brussel sprouts and the fresh ingredients.

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Here is the mega platter of cooked whole food on a bed of raw spinach.  Charred sliced turkey burger with mushrooms, spring onions, brussel sprouts,  seasoned with mixed spices, cinnamon and salt.  The platter is ringed with bacon.

Topped off with an omelette made from four  free range, organic eggs.  Our family of three did not finish the platter for dinner.  So there will be leftovers.


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