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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jack Lalanne - May he rest in peace

This was Jack as I remembered him.  Growing up in Malaysia during the days of black and white TV, Jack would appear in these half hour programs talking at the speed of a freight train while demonstrating exercises that could be done at home. I remember watching him as a child along with programs like Sea Hunt.

Truth is I was too young to understand the wisdom that was being presented by him at that time.  I was not equal to the knowledge set before me.

Now in my mid-forties, Jack's advice on healthy nutrition, daily activity, keeping fit and health have never rung more true.  Most of us living in the western world and in the far east have adequate resources for food, shelter and clothing.  If you were truly poor, you could not afford the technology costs to read this blog. So we have adequate money.

What money does not buy is health.   While death is the final equalizer of all, health is our inseparable companion until we reach the end.  For better or worse, we have health as our chaperone through life.

Jack's passion for living and "no bullshit" sound advice is exactly what we need to get past our complacency in matters of diet, exercise and fitness.  Here are some of his advice:

Money Cannot Buy Health

Your Body Looks Like Your Shopping Cart


Are You A Slave?

Why Are We Tired?

Jack did not have access to the kind of information we do in 2011. However his emphasis on eating whole foods and avoiding sugar and processed foods which the foundation of any healthy lifestyle.


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