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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brussel Sprouts, Beef Stew & Octopus Recipes

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Couple of days ago, we steamed brussel sprouts.  I usually put a pad of organic butter for flavor. A bowl of this and some bacon would make a meal.

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This was our lunch today.  Ingredients are 2 lbs of cubed stewing beef, some sweet potatoes or yam, 1 large onion, nutmeg, cumin, sea salt, 3 tablespoons butter and crushed almonds aka almond flour.  I used a pressure cooker for this since I wanted it ready in 15 minutes.

Slice the sweet potatoes or yam into large slices and place into pressure cooker along with cubed beef.  Dice onion and mix into the pot along with butter, nutmeg and cumin.  Put enough water so it fills about 1/3 the height of the mixture in the pot.   Turn heat on high on the stove. Once the pots starts making steam sounds, set the timer for 15 minutes and lower the heat slightly (keep the pot hissing).

Once the 15 minutes is done, cool pot under tap per manufacturer's instructions, salt to taste and add the (crushed) almond flour to thicken making gravy.  The sweet potatoes naturally sweetens the stew while the nutmeg and cumin make it tasty.  The beef should be tender, moist and full of flavor.   Serve with large leaves of washed lettuce. The orange brown color is from the yams.

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For dinner we bought some cooked octopus (the slices of white-orange up top), made some boiled organic free range eggs garnished with walnuts and cashews (picture only shows walnuts).  Two helpings of food led to satiety.


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