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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Exercise by SimpleFit

I want to share with you a surperb and practical way to exercise. It will ramp up your metabolism and build muscle strength with endurance.  Performed correctly, it will not only help you sleep better, it will reshape your body. Best of all, it costs very little. The system is called SimpleFit.

Now I'm not affiliated with SimpleFit in anyway neither do I make any money by recommending the system.  I'm just pointing out that getting in shape, gaining strength and transforming one's body doesn't require great amounts of money or a gym membership.  All you need is desire and will.

I like SimpleFit as it is a safe, efficient and effective way of building muscular strength and endurance without great expense.  There is also community forum where one can ask questions.

SimpleFit is a form of circuit training where you perform a series exercises as many times as you can within a time limit or you perform a set number of repetitions of exercises and try to do it in the least amount of time.  The only thing you will need to buy is a pull up bar.  Try Craigslist or Amazon for the bar.

The foundation of SimpleFit consists of three exercises:

The Pull Up

The Push Up
The Squat

These exercises are performed in a certain pattern.  Read about it here.  Once you can do a level easily, you move to the next level.  Each level up requires more repetitions.  There are a total of 8 levels in the program.

That's it.  No fancy promises.  No exotic exercise equipment.  No poser points except a toned and muscular body. No excuses - all you need is enough space to perform a push up.

I stress that all the exercise in the world is insufficient to overcome poor nutrition.  So to lose weight and to begin reshaping your body, change what and how you eat first.  Exercise will strengthen the heart and muscles.  But to lose inches around the waist, the diet needs to change.

While I did not train using the SimpleFit system, I did lots of push ups, pull ups, sit ups along with following a Primal lifestyle.  You can see my transformation here.  Below is a video my wife took of me doing pull ups after our daughter had gone to bed.


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