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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Interval Timer for Workouts

A timer is a great tool for workouts.  Specifically a timer can be used to time or countdown repetitions of a set of exercises.  One common use of a timer is when a person is doing exercise according to the Tabata Protocol.

For example, one could set the timer to for 30 seconds of an exercise followed by 15 seconds of rest before proceeding to the next exercise.  For example, start with burpees, rest, jumping jacks, rest, high knee jumps, rest, squats, rest, vertical jumps, rest and so forth.

Tabata timers are also useful for keeping time during sparring rounds.

Beach Fitness has an excellent and easy to use online Flash-based Tabata Timer you can use.  They have also made the program downloadable for offline use.  You download the file to your hard drive by clicking here.

After downloading the file, use your browser to OPEN the file to start using it. No installation is necessary  You don't need an internet connection once the file is on your hard drive.  You can also download this Flash file to your mobile device and use it there if it supports Flash.


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