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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Short, intense workout on Christmas Day

Fasted breakfast and had lunch.  Planning to eat dinner that will comprise an 8 hour eating window for the day.

After doing 100 kettlebell swings on consecutive days, I decided to do some weight resistance exercise before showering and heading out the door for dinner. Here was the workout with as little rest as possible between. Typically less than a minute between.
  1. Five SuperSlow pull ups.
  2. 45 feet-elevated push ups with push up bars.
  3. 20 dive bomber pushups
  4. 60 leaping spiderman push ups
Total time? Less than 10 minutes and it was intense.

Update:  The day after, my pectorals, triceps and biceps were certainly feeling the effects from yesterday's workout. :)


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