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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paleo Cooking - 1

Here are several recommendations for healthy cooking:

- throw out all aluminum and cooking utensils which have non-stick coatings.
- buy only quality stainless steel, cast iron or ceramic.
- get a slow cooker (i.e. CrockPot) 
- get a pressure cooker
- learn to boil rice in a pot (it takes 10 minutes) and throw out the aluminum rice cooker
- throw the microwave

OK, lets get to some food shall we? The main idea of Paleo is buy raw food of a high quality and prepare it yourself.  We do this to avoid eating processed foods which are linked to the diseases of civilization.  Here is some squash (orange & yellow). I think the meat is bison or deer (can't remember).

Put everything into the pressure cooker with some mint or bay leaves.  Put on the lid.  Cook for 25 minutes of steam.

When the soup is done, season to taste.  Everything in the pressure cooker will be soft, tender and full of flavor.

While waiting for the soup to cook, prepare the greens.  Today lets do brussel sprouts and collard greens.

Wash the greens.  See that deep green color?  Lots of nutrients there.  You could steam or boil the veggies, then mix it with some olive oil, sea salt, pepper or sesame seed oil.  For the dish you see below, I garnished with sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and dried raisins. You can also add your favorite fresh or dried spices into the mix.  Think cumin, curry, cinnamon or tuna flakes.

There you have it.  One Paleo meal. If someone is still hungry, boil some eggs. :)


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