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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bodyweight Exercises - 1

I am a firm believer in bodyweight exercises.  Bodyweight exercises can be used for toning muscles, increasing muscle endurance, improving muscle definition and metabolic conditioning.  Its great for improving flexibility, range of motion and cardiovascular health. I've embedded some of my past workouts in the videos on this page.

Here are more reasons why I like bodyweight workouts.

1) Convenience.  Bodyweight exercises can be performed pretty much anywhere and at any time.  You don't need special equipment.  Just lifting your own bodyweight is a good workout.  Not heavy enough you say?  Then do the same exercises, just do them faster.  That will increase the load.

2) Safety.  Bodyweight exercises are safe because you work the muscle group until the lactic acid buildup is so great that you simply cannot do another repetition.  There is very little risk of tearing or straining a muscle beyond normal hypertrophy with bodyweight exercises compared to free weights or gym machines.

3) Simplicity.  You can do them by yourself, with a partner or in a group.  You don't need a spotter neither will you have the risk of dropping a weight on your foot!

4) Scalability.  You can start with a basic exercise then scale the difficulty according to your level of strength or fitness.

5) Efficiency. It is possible to be completely wiped out with just 30 minutes of bodyweight exercises.

Maybe you can't do 100 burpees in a row like the guy below, but we can all start somewhere right?  Aim for 10 and work your way up?

When you are ready, post your own bodyweight workouts!

Healthfully yours,



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