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Monday, May 30, 2011

Exercise Peaks

My two main forms of exercise are boxing\kickboxing and road cycling.  I have a fleet of bikes ranging from a fixed gear to ultra-portable folding bikes.

The conditioning warm ups for boxing consist of bodyweight exercises such as various kinds of push ups, squats, burpees, skipping, jumping and station exercises.  Then we usually work drills for 3 minutes ending with an all out sprint punching or kicking for under a minute.

If we chart our weekly physical activity levels, the average person does not have much peak activity at all.  I define peak activity as reaching 90% of Maximum Heart Rate for a brief period of time.  In my case, I am 44 years old. Therefore, my Max HR is 220 - 44 = 176 beats per minute.  90% of that is 158 bpm.  That's an exercise peak for me.   I program in several exercise peaks during the week so my physical activity chart will show long periods of relatively low level energy expenditure with periods of moderate exercise (cruising on a bicycle but not sweating) and peaks of maximum effort.

How about a fast and efficient way to hit some peak exercise?  Checkout the link by Conditioning Research here:

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