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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ride the Bike

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The weather is warmer this week than last week.  Seeing a dry morning, I rode one of my bicycles to work this morning hoping that it would not rain before I reached the office. My morning bicycle commute is 20 kilometers (about 12. 5 miles) each way.  The picture above shows the entrance to the bicycle\pedestrian bridge that connects Richmond to Vancouver along River Road just east of the River Rock Casino.

The bicycle (center of the picture) is a Dahon Helios P8 aluminum folding bike that has been converted to a singlespeed freewheel gear system with 66 gear inches.

It normally takes me about 50 minutes (plus or minus) to reach the door of my office building from the door of my home.  This is the same amount of time it takes for me to take the train and bus door-to-door.  So there is no loss of time in the modality of the commute. Cycling however has health benefits and I enjoy the solitude of riding.

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This is the view looking north on Cambie from the intersection of Cambie Street and Marine Drive in Vancouver.  From here to 41st, its one long uphill and a great test of one's will.

This morning I rode to work in a fasted state no having eaten anything since dinner the previous night and prolonged the fast until 1 p.m. when I finally ate lunch.

After work tonight, I will ride back into Richmond to my martial arts gym where I meet up with my wife and daughter.  The Dahon will be folded and placed in the trunk of the car and voila - on we go.

You are welcome to post your choices in staying active in the comments section.


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